7 essays

We asked 7 authors to write an essay from 7 different perspectives, linked to the themes of the expo DAUWRAUW. These will be compiled into a publication by designer Victor Verhelst. On the back, you will find a beautiful engraving by Bruegel in poster format.

The following themes and authors are featured:

  • Landscape and climate | Bruegel and the Critters. Not a good marriage but that's alright

After his doctoral studies at KU Leuven and his work as a researcher at Oxford University biologist Dirk Draulans became editor of the weekly magazine Knack. He is still working there after 36 years. Nowadays, he is mainly active in the diffi cult fi ght for our nature and against global warming.

  • Heritage | Heritage and Identity in times of Ecosystem Destruction

Engineer-architect Leo Van Broeck is the former Flemish Government Architect (Vlaams Bouwmeester). Throughout his career, he has been strongly committed to ecologically responsible and socially just spatial development. Van Broeck is a avid advocate of compact building and limiting urbanization to protect nature and open space.

  • Contemporary Art | Elsewhere, as in someplace else - A sharing of QUESTIONS

Ilse Roosens is a curator at Mu.ZEE, the museum for modern and contemporary Belgian artin Ostend. Post-colonial, geopolitical, ecofeminist and post-capitalist topics drive her projects both inside and out si de the museum. Co-author ship and polyphony are key to her work ethic.

Sofia Dati is a Brussels-based curator focusing on the intersection of visual arts and moving image. She currently works as a curator at WIELS in Brussels and was previously active at Beursschouwburg. Dati’s practice is rooted in writing and translation, and she has published articles in magazines such as Po&sie, Arshake and Conceptual Fine Arts.

  • Pieter Bruegel the Elder | A trusted name for a large number of art enthusiasts in Flanders and far beyond 

Manfred Sellink is an art historian and Bruegel expert, specialising in the Flemish Renaissance. As former director of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp (KMSKA), he has curated numerous exhibitions and publications on Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Sellink’s research focuses on the iconography and social context of Bruegel’s work.

  • Art and economy | The 7 (Un)Virtues of Globalisation

Luc Keppens is a banker and art enthusiast. Through the annual Fintro Prize for young artists, he gives new Belgian talents in literature, visual arts, film and photography, dance and performance support at the beginning of their careers.

  • Philosophy | What can Philosophy accomplish? A State of affairs

Philosopher Bart Verschaffel is emeritus professor at Ghent University and director of the VANDENHOVE Centre for Architecture & Art. He publishes in the fields of visual arts, aesthetics and cultural philosophy and recently curated the exhibition Rose, Rose, Rose à mes yeux. James Ensor and the still life in Belgium 1830-1930 at Mu.ZEE, the museum for modern and contemporary Belgian art in Ostend.

  • Art and AI | AI in the arts: Ruler, Sidekick or Spy

Christophe De Jaeger is an art historian and curator, specializing in contemporary art and collaborative practices that connect art and research. Between 2014 and 2022, he founded the Bozar Lab, a platform for interaction between artists, scientists, citizens and policymakers. De Jaeger is also the founder of Gluon, a platform for art, science, and technology.

The collection of 7 essays is for sale during your visit to DAUWRAUW.

You can find them:

  • At the reception and in the shop in the visitor center of the castle (during the opening hours of the exhibition)
  • At the Abbey of Bornem (Thursday to Sunday from 1:30 PM to 5 PM)

You can take the bundled publication with all the essays home for €10.

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