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The number seven - referring to the seven deadly sins and virtues in Bruegel's engravings, as well as the seven days of the week - became the perfect measure to anchor DAUWRAUW. Existing and new works are integrated into the castle grounds. Sculptures, audio and video installations, performances... can be discovered in unique spots within this beautiful landscape.

Joan Jonas

(°1936, US. Lives and works in New York, USA)

Joan Jonas has a multidimensional and multidisciplinary artistic practice that spans over 50 years and includes video, performance, sculpture, film, drawing and dance. She is recognized as one of the most significant and influential artists within the history of performance and video art.

At DAUWRAUW, five video works of Joan Jonas, spanning over 30 years of Joan’s artistic production, will present a subjective introduction into her multifaceted practice.

  • Disturbances (1974); video (15')
  • I Want to Live in the Country (And Other Romances) (1976); video (24:06')
  • Double Lunar Dogs (1984); video (24')
  • Volcano Saga (1989); video  (28:30')
  • Lines in the Sand (2002-2005); video (47:45')

 Courtesy of the artist, Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI) New York and Gladstone Gallery.

Monika Emmanuelle Kazi

(°1991, France. Lives and works in Paris and Geneva)

Monika Emmanuelle Kazi intertwines the personal and the global within her artistic practice. Through her texts, installations, video works and performances, she explores the emotional and historical charge of everyday objects, as well as movements, matter, and architecture as porous areas of contact, traces of changing histories.

Le Mat (2024) is a large scale installation combining coffee and tea-dyed sewing works with crystal glasses. The motifs refer to symbols within the Kongo cosmogony of the creation myth. Inspired by Bruegel’s detailed representations of ships in his engravings, Kazi’s installation evokes an altered memory that links several geographical spaces.

  • Le Mat (2024); textiles, metal, glass; various dimensions

Courtesy of the artist.

Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller

(°1957 & °1960, Canada. Live and work in Grindrod, British Columbia, Canada)

Canadian artists Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller are collaborating as an artistic duo since 1995. The artists are internationally recognised for their multimedia works that create transcendent multisensory experiences.

At DAUWRAUW, Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller present Forest (for a thousand years…) (2012), a sound sculpture installed within a forest clearing, blurring the distinctions between site and art. The visitor is invited to sit down on a wooden stump and simply listen to an immersive audio composition emitted by more than thirty speakers.

  • Forest (for a thousend years...) (2012); audio, 28'

Courtesy of the artists and Luhring Augustine Gallery.

Francis Upritchard

(°1976, New Zealand. Lives and works in London and New Zealand)

Francis Upritchard’s work draws on figurative sculpture, blending references from literature to ancient sculptures, and burial grounds to science fiction.

With Swamp Creature and Inhabited Stone, Francis Upritchard introduces mythical creatures into the castle domain. In her figurative sculptures,
Upritchard questions how we construct a vision for the future through our fractured, partial and often confl icted understanding of the past.

  • Swamp Creature (2024); bronze; 363 x 166 x 224 cm
  • Inhabited Stone (2024); bronze; 200 x 120 x 120 cm

Courtesy of the artist and Kate MacGarry Gallery.

Mark Manders

(°1968, The Netherlands. Lives and works in Ronse, Belgium)

Since 1986, Manders has dedicated himself to the ongoing artistic project entitled Self-Portrait as a Building, in which sculptures, installations, publications, drawings, and architectural plans, all contribute to the creation of a fictional ever-expanding architectural selfportrait.

Mark Manders presents Parallel Occurrence (2001), a twelve meter long deconstructed sculptural installation, hanging in a massive oak tree. ‘In Parallel Occurrence I was looking for a way to express the gesture of handing over an envelope and the idea that the meaning of a message lies in the way it is transmitted. The installation starts with a sofa and ends in an envelope. It is a construction left behind by someone, intended to be read by someone else: a short, three-dimensional phrase hung high up in a tree.’ – Mark Manders

  • Parallel Occurence (2001); aluminum, stainless steel; 1,4 m (L)

Courtesy of the artist and Xavier Hufkens Gallery.

Ana Prvacki

(°1976, Yugoslavia/ Romania. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany)

Drawing inspiration from close observation of contemporary life, Ana Prvački's interventions are meant to transform the viewer’s  perception and experience of daily routine, providing solutions to our everyday problems, worries, and fears without pretension.

At DAUWRAUW, Prvački presents The Bee Memorial (2024), a series of 1:1 replica’s of a classic beehive reproduced in a variety of natural stones in which she combines her long time fascination for bees, as hosts on this planet and Pieter Bruegel the Elder in whose engravings bees and bee  hives are utilised as symbolic references to society.

The Bee Memorial is made possible by Van Den Weghe.

  • The Bee Memorial#2 (2024); Beehive in Onyx Rainbow honed
  • The Bee Memorial#3 (2024); Beehive in Cerrado honed
  • The Bee Memorial#4 (2024); Beehive in Rosé Aurore honed
  • The Bee Memorial#5 (2024); Beehive in Forest Greet honed
  • The Bee Memorial#6 (2024); Beehive in Onyx Miele honed

Courtesy of the artist.


(°1990, France. Live and work in Brussels, Belgium)

mountaincutters is an artist duo, a hybrid identity. Primarily creating site-specific sculptures, their work focuses on the relationship between human beings and the environments they  inhabit.

At DAUWRAUW mountaincutters presents Fertile Falls, a new site specific installation inspired by the horizontality of the trees in the natural landscape of the castle domain. They are considered by the artists as sleeping trees, at rest, reversing our relationships with our surroundings.

  • Fertile Falls (2024); floor, steel, tree, glass, messing, bronze, copper

Courtesy of the artists and Meessen Gallery.


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